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Role of the School Counselor
The traditional role of the School Counselor was to just create schedules and talk to students about college.  The skill set of today's counselor has greatly expanded. Counselors today run groups, teach coping skills, teach career and college awareness, help with peer relationships, promote good character, work with Care Team, and much more. 

Career Links

College Credit Plus Links

Good Character Traits

Pictures from Career Day 2018/2019

Care Team
Our Care Team is composed of individuals from both the Fairless Middle School and outside agencies to work together to help our students succeed in areas of academics, social skills, basic needs, and more. Along with all of our teachers, these are the other members of our Care Team:
  • Mrs. Cindy Class    - FMS Principal
  • Mr. Jeff Faulkner    - Prevention Specialist from Comquest
  • Mrs. LuAnne Frase - FMS School Counselor
  • Mrs. Amy Palfy     - Family Support Specialist 
  • Ms. Laura Ramey  - Pathway Therapist 

Stark County School Counselors pictured wearing "You Matter" shirts.